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Hollis Potter, PNE QUACK by Northernspy on Myspace
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Hollis Potter, PNE QUACK

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6 years after I wrote the original blog entry here, the PNE quacks are still howling at the imaginary pudendal nerve entrapment moon. People are still getting sent for PNE surgery that disables them -- de-stablizing their pelvis from cut ligaments, and in at least one case unable to walk up stairs, and in multiple cases dead from surgery. Meanwhile, there are mainstream causes of pelvic pain they never learn about.

In my case the mainstream cause of pelvic pain was a boring ol' hernia -- of which the USA alone repairs more than 600,000 every year. Non-palpable hernias (hernias too small to detect by feel) are long known to be capable of causing pelvic pain in men and women. I'm cured and bicycling again -- something no patient who got surgery in Nantes can claim.

Meanwhile the PNE quacks suck money out of desperate pain patients. Like most quacks, most PNE specialists either dont' accept insurance -- and, anyway, they charge a huge premium for their quack genius leading their victims to treatments (nerve blocks, botox muscle injections, and finally quack surgery) that often leaves them worse.

A partial update....

1. More nerve conduction quackery to diagnose an imaginary condition

In the original entry I explained how the PNMLT and EMG nerve conduction tests are used to "prove" PNE are bunk -- the view of mainstream medicine is they should not be used along to prove *anything.* Since then:

--- the surgical PNE butchers of Nantes stopped using PNMLT and EMG tests recognizing they are useless -- they don't predict what they claim to see at surgery, and are unrelated to the results of the surgery. In other words, Nantes now recognizes what I wrote 5 and more years ago -- PNMLT tests are pure quackery used to give the illusion of objective evidence for PNE.

-- the surgical butches of Houston, Texas (Drs. Ken Renney who feeds patients to Lee V. Ansell) continue to use PNMLT tests! Why change the medicine show, eh, boys? Because once you give up PNMLT tests you need to start facing the music that your whole PNE practice is quackery.

-- Dr. Arnold Dellon of Johns Hopkins -- one of the newest PNE quacks when he's not doing his main job (plastic surgery!) -- boldly invented an "improvement" he calls a Pressure-Specifying Sensory Device ("PSSD") which he uses to test for PNE. But PSSD tests are quackery, too: mainstream medicine has concluded "there is no scientific evidence of effectiveness" and "several published studies failed to demonstrate the utility of PSSD in establishing a diagnosis."

Every quackery has its proof. And even MRIs can be used to prove a condition which does not exist.

2. MRI quackery

Hollis Potter examined me in 2004, found nothing except "minimal" pudendal scarring and STILL advised me to go -- and go quickly -- to the surgical butchers of Nantes. Since then, her hi-res MRI operation has gone franchise -- Dr. Potter now others offer her MRI protocol. Big business, eh Hollis?

Pelvic pain is often or usually referred pain, which means the source of the pain (inguinal hernias, kidneys stones and a dozen other mainstream causes) is not where the problem is. But Dr. Potter persists in *only* searching for a direct source of pain -- finding MRI shadows, and declaring them relevant every time without

--- any consideration of the mainstream differential, or

--- any consideration of whether the same anomalies she claims to find may occur in people who have no symptoms.

The result is a misguided hunt for the demon pudendal nerve entrapment that ends in quack surgeries, without the mainstream causes of pelvic pain (nonpalpable hernias, kidney and bladder stones, anal fissures, and a dozen other things) ever being even considered.

Now it turns out here quackery is considerable more crazy -- and more dangerous.
Dr. Potter finds pudendal nerve entrapment every time, and now not even surgeons who claim to treat the condition believe in her findings. See, for example (emphasis added):

Re: Hollis Potter Now Giving Great MRI Protocol In Other
Postby Emily B ¯ Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:37 pm
I had the MRI in Phoenix with Kalinkan through orders by Dr.
Hibner. Kalinkan does have the software and protocol. I had
the MRI with and without contrast. They found nothing.

Dr. Hibner told me that he does not put much weight on the
MRIs now. He had hoped the MRI would turn out to be a useful
tool for diagnostics and surgery decisions. However, his
experience has been that nearly all of Potter's MRIs seem to
find something whereas Kalinkan's MRIs usually find nothing.
Hibner, Kalinkan and Potter worked very closely on this.

In other words, this situation is worse than Dr. Potter seeing MRI shadows, and mis-interpreting them as the source of pelvic pain. Other radiologists using her software and equivalent imaging technologies don't even see the same shadows.

The reminds me of one of the other signposts that PNE is imaginary and the doctors who diagnose it are quacks -- namely; the surgeons of Nantes claim to see bruised nerves, but the surgeons of Texas and Dr. Spinner of Mayo Clinic (before he stopped doing PNE surgeries because they don't work) claimed they did NOT see bruised nerves.

Now Potter's MRI quackery adds to the biggest mystery of pudendal nerve entrapment: -- to what extent are the PNE quacks crooks blinded by the big money, and to what extent are they bonkers -- hallucinating a condition that does not exist?

NorthernSpy (the name of my favorite NY State apple)

NorthernSpy1 [at]


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